Barbie Pink and Swirly Stars!

Hey guys!
I need to get better at this blogging business! I’ve done my nails a bunch of times since my last post, but didn’t think any of them were blog-worthy. So for now I thought I’d just put up a photo or two of what today’s nails look like :)

Pink! So very pink! This is one from a multipack I got for Christmas, from the 17 collection at Boots stores. I’ve posted about another from this collection before, and mentioned I was annoyed that the polishes have no individual name labels on the bottles. Booo! Poor form. Anyways, I didn’t realise quite how pink it actually was, as the colour looks different in the bottle to how it wears. But I’ve decided I love how it looks on the nail! It is very shockingly-pink, and pretty enough to be worn on its own! But you know me, I can’t resist a cheeky little stamp!

And with the flash on it looks EVEN BRIGHTER!!

Pink pink pink! I feel especially girly today. I’m gonna have to wear this colour again, it’s making me all cheerful and smiley! :)
H xXx