Bargain from Birmingham!

Going to visit the family in Birmingham is always dangerous for my nail varnish collection! There are just so many more shops up there, and bigger ones than down here too!
Temptation always gets the better of me. I tell myself this little white lie, “I’ll just have a quick look at the nail section, I probably won’t buy anything, I just wanna see what they’ve got” -yeah right! I’m totally gonna end up buying a ton of polish. And this time, I grabbed a superbargain!!

OPI – The Man With The Golden Gun, a REAL 18K gold top coat!
This gorgeous polish is filled with flecks of gold leaf! I found it was kinda tricky to apply. I had to shake it up between painting each nail, because all the flecks fell to the bottom of the bottle and there wasn’t much coming out on the brush when I took the lid off. But layered over black it gives a colour-popping finish!

GOLD! On my fingernails! 18K gold!! I think I’ll end on that note.
H xXx