Gorgeous Green Gradient!

So, today I’m gonna show you a mani that genuinely surprised me.
I’m not the biggest fan of the colour green. I mean, it’s alright and everything, but I’m not that bowled over by green. But I wanted to do something different, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to come up with something green that I wouldn’t hate. Sometimes I like to challenge myself. And I came up with this, and I actually absolutely love it!!

I started with a neon green base coat, and hated it. So I thought I’d cover it up with some ombré fading to black.

Hmmm, it’s alright, but so very green! I wanted to cover it with some sort of stamp. And I’m actually thrilled with the results! The more I look at it, the more I love it!

I feel all inspired!! So I want to inspire all of you, too! Step out of your comfort zones, readers! You might find something you quite like!
(and on that motivational note, I shall bid you adieu, and go stare at my nails some more)

H xXx