In response to my first Fan Request!

Hello there, readers!
Today’s post has been made in response to my first fan request!! Just to let you all know, that I do receive and read all messages sent via the Contact page here on!
This post is for Rachel, who emailed asking if I could do some nail art based on The Muppets, as she wanted to see what I’d come up with. Well Rachel, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! This one’s for you!

I am NOT going to tell you how long this took! (hint: it’s longer than 5 minutes, less than infinity!!) But I don’t think it looks too bad! Not sure what occasion I could wear these nails for, but whatever the case, I’d be the coolest kid in the room!


Keep those messages coming in, readers! And who knows, maybe next time YOUR request will be featured, with a personal shout out to you and everything!! HOW EXCITING!!
I feel all warm and fuzzy now (lol puppets are fuzzy, too! The Muppets are puppets!) *ahem* …think I’ll end on that note :)
H xXx