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Summery Silhouettes!

The other day I was feeling super summery, and longing for some sunshine! I decided to break out some of my brightest nail varnishes, and this is what I came up with:-

It reminds me of an exotic sunset! Really makes me wanna go on holiday. Here’s how I did it: I started with a BRIGHT orange base, Models Own, Hed Kandi. Even with the flash off, it’s still so vibrant!

Then I sponged on some hot pink, which doesn’t have a name on the bottle but is a Kelly Brook polish that came with some nail caviar beads of the same colour.

It can be quite messy! But you can easily clean the edges up by dipping a cotton bud in some nail varnish remover. Or I strongly recommend getting your hands on some Leighton Denny, nail corrector fluid. Best Christmas present ever! It seems to just dissolve nail varnish on contact! Amazing. Then I added a black palm tree using my nail varnish pen and a couple of silhouettes of birds, and bam! Bright, summery, holiday nails!
H xXx

The 5 minute mani

Hey guys!
This is just a quick post to show you a Mani that I wore for literally 5 minutes yesterday.
I’m not sure exactly what I was trying to achieve, I was just playing around with stuff. It took me about half an hour to make, but literally as it was still drying I received a new nail varnish in the post and immediately had to try it!! So I swiftly took this one off and put my new surprise nail varnish on. Ever more proof that I have more free time than sense.

Ta daa! I started with a pale lilac base coat, sponged on some darker lilac ombré around the tips, followed by a pearly shimmer, then to top it off I freehanded some squiggles on with a deep purple using a thin nail art brush. Here’s the colours I used…

For the brief few moments that I wore it, someone suggested it looked kind of like an underwater scene. So maybe I’ll try it again some time with blues and greens instead.
Even though it didn’t last long, it’s all practice!
Ciao for nao!
H xXx

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Monday, everybody!
I did these nails for Good Friday, but didn’t post them up. Shame on me. Rubbish blogger!

I started with a base of Barry M, gelly high shine – Blueberry. (I got a smudge on my thumb whilst waiting for it to dry, damn my impatience!)

Then I grabbed a bunch of nail art pens and put some Easter Eggs on there!

Just a quick one today.
Happy Easter!
H xXx

Cutest Cupcakes EVER!

Hey guys!
Today’s post is for my Little Sister, Jessica! When she’s not too busy being the most awesome little sis in the world, she has been known to bake a few delicious cupcakes here and there.
So I thought I’d do an adorable cupcake manicure in her honour! For Jessie!

How did I create this sickly-sweet, totally cute work of art, you ask? I’ll show you!
Step 1:- First, apply a thin base coat. Then, using a strip of Sellotape, section off the end of your nails leaving a little more room than if you were doing French Tips.

Step 2:- Using Barry M – Bright Pink and Models Own – Lilac Dream, use a nail art brush to paint thin vertical stripes down the ends your nails.

You should be left with something like this…

Step 3:- Using my White nail art pen, I added some icing to the cupcakes.

Step 4:- I decided they still weren’t quite cute enough, so added some cartoon faces with my black nail art pen, and rosey pink cheeks as sprinkles! Topped off with a sprinkle on the top!

Finally, seal using a clear top coat to prolong the life of your manicure and VOILA! The world’s cutest cupcake nails (if I do say so myself) for the world’s best sister!
H xXx

In response to my first Fan Request!

Hello there, readers!
Today’s post has been made in response to my first fan request!! Just to let you all know, that I do receive and read all messages sent via the Contact page here on FingeredByFournier.com!
This post is for Rachel, who emailed asking if I could do some nail art based on The Muppets, as she wanted to see what I’d come up with. Well Rachel, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! This one’s for you!

I am NOT going to tell you how long this took! (hint: it’s longer than 5 minutes, less than infinity!!) But I don’t think it looks too bad! Not sure what occasion I could wear these nails for, but whatever the case, I’d be the coolest kid in the room!


Keep those messages coming in, readers! And who knows, maybe next time YOUR request will be featured, with a personal shout out to you and everything!! HOW EXCITING!!
I feel all warm and fuzzy now (lol puppets are fuzzy, too! The Muppets are puppets!) *ahem* …think I’ll end on that note :)
H xXx

My Little Pony! Nail art is magic!

So, I think My Little Pony is adorable. I play a My Little Pony game on my iPhone, and it’s quite addictive. Due to this, boyfriend bought me a MLP comic book, and then a couple of MLP toys and collectibles, and then the obsession just spiralled!
Having done a Jurassic Park themed mani (cos he likes Dinosaurs, see yesterday’s post) I thought today I’d do a Pony inspired one (cos I like My Little Pony)!

This entire mani was done freehand using nail art pens, and took longer than I’m willing to admit. I think the ring finger probably took the longest due to all the intricate detail.

First I painted my basecoats, using Barry M – bright pink (pinky and thumb), Barry M Gelly – blueberry (middle finger), and Models Own – lilac dream (ring and index finger).

Then came all the detail using my pens!

And then TA-DAA! Adorable pony goodness so cute you could barf :)

That’s it for today’s post! Take care Everypony!
H xXx

Flowery fingers!

Oh hai! So for today’s nails I felt like doing some freehand work while I’m waiting for my new stamping polish to arrive in the post. One of my favourite freehand designs I like to do is roses!

Very ‘Cath Kidston’, no?

Firstly for the base coat I used “Barry M – Gelly hi-shine” in Blueberry. Such a nice blue!

The consistency of this one is kinda weird. It is sorta like spreading jelly on your nails! But it dries pretty quick, and covers nice and evenly. The pic below shows 2 coats, with flash off and flash on.

Once the base coat had completely dried, I then drew some roses on top using dots of nail varnish and a cocktail stick, added some leaves and BOOM! Maybe one day I’ll post a tutorial showing how to do them. What d’you think?

H xXx