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Hey guys!
So today I’m gonna post about the nails I’m currently rockin’!

Simple and pretty!! I started by painting my nails white. This white is by Sally Hansen, but I can’t remember what the colour is called. I’ve said before but I’ll say it again, white is SO unforgiving. I did 2 coats and it was still streaky, but as it’s for my base coat I wasn’t too fussed.

Then I did some black stripes using my Konad special stamping polish, and one of the huge image plates my little sis got me for Christmas!

I’ve used that stamp to do diagonal stripes before, but this time I went with horizontal, and it turned out like this:

Just as it is, I thought that Mani looked pretty cool! But I opted for a slight colour-pop by free-handing a tiny pink heart on my ring finger. I love accent nails, they just help to break up the monotony of the pattern a little bit!

Boom! Job done! Simple yet effective! And quite quick to do. All told with drying-time included between layers, this one took me about 30mins to do both hands.
I do really like this one actually. I may even leave it on for a few days!!
What d’you think?
H xXx